A customer wanting to pay for an item with their credit cards has proven to be a curse as well as a blessing for small-time owners. Providing the customers with different options to pay with credit card cash discount legal policies makes it more accessible for them to purchase a product. But, the seller has […]

Corporate Card Policy and Procedures-Vassar employees

The purpose of this policy is to provide Vassar employees with information about the credit card program and guide employees in the use of their College issued credit cards in a manner that is consistent and fair to each employee while managing costs and ensuring compliance with Federal regulations and College policies. Many members of […]

What kinds of credit cards can I apply for?

Premium cards Often known as ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’ cards, these are standard credit cards but may come with a higher credit limit or extra benefits, such as travel insurance. You may need to pay an annual fee for one of these, and you’d probably need to have a good credit score too. 0% balance transfer […]